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The Golf Persona Index is where you can access and upload Golf Personas. Golf Personas are how you are able to partake in golf shot challenges against other individuals. Think of a Golf Persona as an identification piece that classifies a particular user on Yagsn. Golf Personas have Swings Scores associated with them, and the point of Yagsn is to submit a golf swing video that matches, or beats, the Golf Persona’s Swing Score. Driving Range Mode offers golf shot challenges that have associated Swing Scores as well. 

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Creating/Uploading Golf Personas

Here is how you can create, and upload, Golf Personas:

Step 1: Open the Yagsn GPT

To begin the Golf Persona creation process, open the Yagsn GPT, and initiate the Golf Persona creation process. 

Step 2: Develop your Golf Persona

Once you initiate the Golf Persona creation process, the Yagsn GPT will guide you on what to do in order to create your Golf Persona. 

Step 3: Upload the Golf Persona

Once you are done creating your Golf Persona, the Yagsn GPT will provide you with a link to download the Golf Persona so that you can upload it to the Golf Persona Index, or you can also just personally send the Golf Persona through your own messaging method to your friends and family.