What is Yagsn?

Yagsn is an A.I tool that utilizes Chat GPT to bring the ULTIMATE golfing experience! On Yagsn, you have the ability to use Chat GPT to play golf against others, partake in A.I-generated golf shot challenges, and interact with an A.I Golf Instructor that knows everything about the golf swing. It is the perfect A.I tool for golfers of all skill levels. 

Chat GPT and Golf

It seems that Chat GPT is everywhere now! Because of that, avid golfers are finding creative ways to utilize Chat GPT into their golf experience. GPT’s are custom versions of Chat GPT, and Yagsn is a GPT that specializes in bringing the ultimate golf experience to Chat GPT. Looking to use Chat GPT in cool and innovative ways for your golf experience? Then the Yagsn GPT is PERFECT for you!

Features on the Yagsn GPT

Player V. Player Capabilities

On the Yagsn GPT, you can play golf against your friends & family by playing a game of Yagsn. This is done by the concept of Golf Personas. A Golf Persona is essentially a swing identity that identifies a user on Yagsn. Golf Personas have Swing Scores, which represents how good the Golf Persona golf swing was. 

The Yagsn A.I Golf Instructor

The Yagsn GPT comes with an A.I golf instructor that provides advanced golf instruction. You can just simply activate it by interacting with the Yagsn GPT, and you can just submit videos of your golf swing for the Yagsn GPT to provide expert feedback. When using the Yagsn Coach, you can work on any aspect of your golf game!

A.I Range Sessions

On the Yagsn GPT, you can partake in various A.I-generated golf shot challenges. This can be done by activating the Driving Range Mode. When activated, you can just simply send a picture of the golf club you are using, and the Yagsn GPT will assign you golf shot challenges to complete for that particular club. The assigned golf shot will have a particular Swing Score that you have to match, or beat. It is the perfect way to utilize A.I to challenge yourself on the driving range!

Advanced Video Analysis

Because GPTs cannot analyze videos directly from your camera roll, yet, the Yagsn GPT analyzes videos in a different way. To submit videos of your golf swing to the Yagsn GPT, you must save your video as a QuickTime Movie File (which can be done straight from your phone), and upload it to the Yagsn GPT. You can learn more below on submitting video files on the Yagsn GPT. 

What are Golf Personas?

Golf Personas are how you are able to partake in golf shot challenges against other individuals. Think of a Golf Persona as an identification piece that classifies a particular user on Yagsn. Golf Personas have Swings Scores associated with them, and the point of Yagsn is to submit a golf swing video that matches, or beats, the Golf Persona’s Swing Score. Driving Range Mode offers golf shot challenges that have associated Swing Scores as well.